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At Staritsky Levitsky, we are passionate about reviving the heritage and traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation in the historic birthplace of the vodka production.

After interesting field trips, many tastings and recipe research in the geographic “vodka belt” of Europe, we found the perfect place for our craft distillery in the historic Ukrainian city of Lviv, close to the Polish border.

This place is unique for many reasons. It is close to the protected Carpathian Mountains, with its available supply of crystal clear water wells, it has access to Ukraine’s Black Soil – the breadbasket of Europe – which produces unique grains for distillation and there is a vodka distillation tradition, which dates back for centuries. 

Our mission at Staritsky Levitsky is to use these locally sourced

ingredients and apply hand-crafted processes to create small batch, beautifully designed and authentic products for our vodka family.

All our vodkas are handcrafted and matured under the care of our Master Distiller.

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