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Artisan Super-Premium Vodka

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Staritsky Levitsky Reserve is an exceptional Ukrainian vodka, ingrained in the unique distilling traditions and craftmanship of the region.


It derives its distinctive flavor and smoothness from using curated Ukrainian Black Soil grains and natural Carpathian Mountain spring water, as its locally sourced ingredients.


For crafting each batch of Reserve Vodka, a unique blend of distilled spirits is selected by the Staritsky Levitsky's Master Distiller. Staritsky Levistky Reserve Vodka is distilled five times and purified four times. After its blending, Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve Vodka rests for 30 days in stainless steel tanks to achieve its full body of flavor.


Ultra-Premium Vodka


Staritsky Levitsky Private Cellar Vodka is a limited edition and

ultra-selective vodka for the connoisseurs. 

The production of the Private Cellar Vodka blend is completely hand-made and only a few batches are made every year. Its creamy and soft taste is achieved by hand picking the grains and by using water with 1ppm natural mineralization and zero pH level. Private Cellar Vodka rests for 60 days and is produced in batches of maximum 1000 bottles at a time. Each bottle is hand-labeled and dipped in black wax to seal. 

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