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When crafting our vodkas are focused on exploring the richness and traditions of vodka production in Ukraine. Reviving this heritage and sharing it with our vodka family all over the world has been very rewarding and a great experience. We craft of our spirits from single grain Ukrainian wheat, which is distilled five times in traditional copper stills.

The wheat, which we use in our distilling process, is cultivated on the local fertile Black Soil, arguably the most fertile soil in the world. We carefully select single grain wheat from August harvest (we do not blend the grain types). The water comes from springs of the Carpathian Mountains, a nature reserve in Ukraine close to the distillery. It is naturally pure, still rich on minerals and nutrients, so our vodka is naturally soft.

Our vodkas are filtered twice through charcoal and twice through rhinestone. The resulting vodka rests for an extensive time to gain its delicate balance and maturity. Each limited batch is carefully checked and approved by our Master Distiller and sommelier.

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